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Prof. Shigang Yue

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  • 2016.06.07, NCNU, Yinchuan, on bio-inspired research in CIL
  • 2016.05.06, CAS-IA, Beijing, for brain like computation
  • 2016.03.31, Xi’an Technological University, on visual neural systems modelling
  • 2016.03.18, University of Edinburgh, Institute of Informatics, motion sensitive neurons and swarm robots
  • 2015.12.03, University of Birmingham, Motion sensitive neurons - from biology to bio-robots
  • 2014.08.22 XJTU, Attention model – build upon motion sensitive neuron
  • 2013.05.20 CASI-IA, Bio-inspired vision for collision detection – simple or complex?
  • 2013.03.05 Guizhou University, Research @CIL in Lincoln and potential collaboration
  • 2013.03.04 Guizhou University, University of Lincoln, a Partner for long term collaboration
  • 2013.03.01 XJTU, Redundant vision systems – competition for collision recognition roles
  • 2012.07.24 HUST Inspiration from biology – vision systems for collision detection
  • 2012.06.27 GZU, Biological inspiration research in Lincoln
  • 2012.05.09 Technical University of Munich (TMU), Bio-inpired robotic vision for collision detection
  • 2012.05.10 Karlsruhe University, Germany, @TMCE 2012 Symposium, Bio-inspired robotics and applications
  • 2012.01.18 School of Eng. & Computing, Coventry University, Bio-inspired vision systems for collision detection
  • 2011.09.08 2011 UAS Symposium, Defense Capability Centre, Shrivenham, UK, Allinson Nigel, Yue Shigang, and Tim Beard, Vignette 3 – Industrial Accident,
  • 2011.06.16 University of Warwick, Autonomous Systems and Robotics Annual Conference, eKTN, LGMD/DCMD and insect inspired robotic vision
  • 2009.08.13 XJTU, Bio-inspired visual neural networks- mechanisms and applications
  • 2006.04.28 Department of Computing and Informatics, University of Lincoln, United Kingdom, Seeing in a biological way - collision prediction using bio-inspired vision
  • 2005.06.29 School of Computing and Technology, University of Sunderland, A bio-inspired visual information processing system: can it work in complex dynamic scenes?
  • 2005.05. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, International Workshop in Neural Networks, Yue Shigang and Rind F. Claire, Coping with dynamic scenes: evolutionary tuning of an asymmetric inhibition based neural network for collision detection
  • 2004.08.23-26 Int. Symposium on Insect Sensors and Robotics, Emmanuel College, University of Queensland, Brisbane, 23rd-26th August 2004, Stafford R., Keil M. S., Yue Shigang, Cuadri-Carvajo J., Rind F. Claire, Insect neural networks as a visual collision detection mechanism in automotive situations, presented by SR.
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Contact via post: Prof. S. Yue, School of Computer Science, University of Lincoln, MHAT building, Brayford Pool, Lincoln, LN6 7TS United Kingdom